In our club we have many different spaces for both leisure and sports. Check here all the facilities we offer you:


4 paddle courts, 2 with glass walls, 2 with concrete walls,  so you can choose your favourite court to play this popular sport.

With perfectly cared grass floor with a sand treatment, in our courts you will be able to achieve spectacular and perfect glides for your strokes.


4 magnificent tennis courts with clay surface where you can train and enjoy as if you were a professional of Roland Garros. Practise all your strokes: the serve, drive, backhand, volley, smashes… with your friends, taking personal lessons or in a group.

Ask for further information and do not miss this opportunity to practise your favorite sport in a privileged surrounding with unique views.


Spectacular outdoor pool to enjoy during the summer. With 25×12.5m in size, our swimming pool will become the center of attention during the summer months.

And for your best comfort, you will be able to enjoy Balinese beds, chillout area and bar, all designed for your pleasure. Refresh yourself and avoid the heat of the summer!

Suitable for the whole family and even equipped with a hydraulic mechanism for people with reduced mobility, our pool is open to everyone!

Come and enjoy from 10 to 20h!


1 wonderful grass court for football or multisport. The king of the sports needed a place in our club and for this reason we have put at your disposal a court adapted to your needs.

In addition, this artificial court can be also used as a multisport court, so you can enjoy an artificial grass surface to practice all the sports you want!


Cool yourself off after practicing your favorite sport, meet your friends, or simply relax for a moment. We offer you a magnificent bar area where you can sit comfortably while enjoying a drink, a sandwich, a breakfast …

We also have a barbecue area where you can enjoy wonderful “torradas” during the tournaments and special events that we will organize.


We offer you a Ping Pong table so you can put your reflexes to test. A raquet sport that has much more followers and players than it seems. Challenge your friends and enjoy a good time!


Every warrior needs to prepare for battle. We offer you large changing rooms equipped with showers, bathrooms and everything that you may need so you can prepare to practice your favorite sport, or relax after fighting your battles on our courts.

...and much more!

Follow our news! At Club Tennis Sóller we work hard to grow with youm and adapt to your needs. Keep an eye on us! Day after day we will improve our facilities in order to be able to offer your more variety of sports and any other thing that you may require. 

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